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All in One Chiffon Hijab!

A beautiful chiffon hijab to freshen up your wardrobe. Paint-brushed strokes of Burgundy, White, Grey & Cumin patterned beautifully on a black chiffon hijab so you could have more options to mix and match. This elegant yet practical hijab can worn for work and also for your everyday occasions.

Basic Ivory Chiffon Hijab

Introducing our NEW neutral shades in chiffon hijabs. These neutral shades will enhance the beauty of any skintone and you can wear them to match basically most of your outfits! Once you try our cotton hijabs they will become a staple in your wardrobe, and these are perfect for your everyday. Available in several shades with extra softness, lightness and just the right length and width.. we guess this will be your grab and go wrap!

Deep Red Satin Hijab

This hijab is considered universal.. for those who love the satin texture and the elegance that comes with it. Suitable for work and casual chic gatherings.

Dreamy World Georgette Hijab

A dreamy print blossoming with the colors that match any skintone! This floral printed Georgette hijab should be a staple in any wardrobe! It's classic, chic and very practical.. the colors go with everyday earth toned wardrobe, a perfect polished look for your work. This dobby georgette hijab is textured, opaque and wraps easily. * Works nicely with White, off white, Navy blue caps, but twist it a bit a red cap for a fresher look!
$16.00 $18.00

Elegance in Cotton Jersey Hijab!

Introducing our NEW patterned cotton jersey hijabs. This printed hijab has such an elegant design of teal and black and it works perfectly for work, chic outings and everyday .. this one is a statement of its own! An elegant print with the comfort of jersey (Our jersey that is!) .. Once you try our cotton hijabs they will become a staple in your wardrobe.. Breathable, soft, and just the right length and width..
$15.00 $18.00

Elegance in Lace Kuwaiti Hijab - C...

Introducing our New Kuwaiti Cotton Hijabs and wraps in beautiful neutral and basic colors, and such an amazing fabric! Lace intertwined in the middle and on one of the hijab borders adds so much elegance to your look! A good grip makes dressing up practical and simple. These hijabs are popular for their softness & elegance. They're so soft and light that you will ask yourself why you didn't get them before! Perfect for the warm and hot weather, plus their edges are hemmed. Kuwaiti hijabs can be worn for work, outings, and really for your everyday wear! *** Colors may slightly vary***
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