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Art in A Sarf!

Handmade and handwoven Scarves.. each piece is unique in its own design, fabric, colors. This Silk & Cotton double bordered scarf is just what you need to make a statement, effortlessly!

Beige - Simple Jersey Hijab

A simple cotton hijab for running errands and especially perfect for young ladies and school girls. Easy to wrap, wash and repeat! *Caps sold separately
€7.10 €9.48

Beige Maxi Jersey Shawl

A must have in your wardrobe! Once you try, you won’t let go of it! Extra width and length for extra comfort around the day.. Great option for ladies who want to have extra coverage for the bust area, and also for nursing moms :)
€12.64 €14.22
1 in stock

Beige Solid & Lace Scarf

For those who love lace, this one is for you! Subtle lace on one border, fluffy material perfect for the summer and just the right shade of beige that fits with most colors! This scarf has it all!
€7.90 €14.22

Beige Tube Undercap - Turlu Fabric

This Hijab undercap is an essential by all means! This fabric is SO comfortable to wear, excellent quality and beautiful finishing!
1 in stock

Black & Beige Floral Scarf - Large

Beautiful floral scarf, black flowers on a light beige background. Why not wear it on a black dress and a pink or teal solid jacket, wouldn't that be nice?!
€6.31 €14.22
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