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Maroon/ Red

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Warm-Hearted Patterned Jersey Hijab...

Lovely colors to warm your heart and your skin tone! A beautiful design with comfort in mind. If you're looking for a warm toned jersey hijab that you can wear on a daily basis, then you're on the right page! This printed jersey hijab is so soft to the touch and drapes beautifully too. You can wear it for your casual chic outings and for your everyday errands! ***Maroon, Orange, Blush Pink

Kuwaiti Everyday Maroon Cotton Jers...

Introducing our New Kuwaiti Cotton Jersey Hijabs and wraps in beautiful neutral and basic colors, and such an amazing fabric! Although we say it's a deep maroon, so perfect that it matches most, if not all, skin tones. These hijabs are popular for their softness & elegance. They have a subtle shine to them, and their edges are hemmed. Kuwaiti jersey hijabs can be worn for work, outings, and really for your everyday wear!

Elegance in Maroon Patterned Jerse...

Maroon Maroon! Check out this beautiful new hijab infused with deep & rich maroon, and such an elegant print! A universal color that goes well with most skin tones. It also works perfectly for running your everyday errands and outings! An elegant print with the comfort of jersey (Our jersey that is!). Once you try our cotton hijabs they will become a staple in your wardrobe. Breathable, soft, and just the right length and width.
€9.48 €14.22

Maroon Poly-Cotton Tube Undercap

This Hijab undercap is an essential by all means! A cotton undercap and a wide selection of colors to mix & match with your scarves. This tube cap does not stretch as much because it doesn't have Lycra or Spandex in it.
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