About Us

About us 

Lina Zibdeh Cover Couture is a growing small business run by Lina Zibdeh, who decided that it is time to share the joy of Hijab with the ladies out there who are looking for the modern look without compromising modesty.  We believe that we are what You’ve been looking for! You’ve come to the place where YOUR needs is OUR priority..  

Our Vision is to provide our customers  with a hijab and a conservative style that is tailored to the their day to day needs. Finding hijabs and clothing that would portray the many dimensions in our modern  lifestyle is not an easy fix for many. At Linazibdeh.com, we  thrive to have each lady find the look that best meets her various needs.  Here,  simplicity in itself IS a beauty that we treasure!

How It All Started? By realizing how much ladies are investing their time, money and efforts  to have a professional look while maintaining the beauty and modesty of hijab. And, since life does not only revolve around work work work … we realize that there is a continuous need to complete our other wardrobe needs  in our personal outings; be it for the gym, shopping, hanging out with friends and family and so on.

Our Goal is to establish a get-go shopping arena that would satisfy the essentials of Muslim  ladies around the world  of all ages and for all occasions - a place where they feel that we understand what  their needs are. At Lina Zibdeh Cover Couture, our aim is to provide you with quality and value  so you can complete your look in a very easy nonchalant way..

Our Products combine quality fabrics, vibrant colors and  the right length &width. Several  photos  were taken for most of our products to show  you a real feel & true dimension  of how the products look like. And, while we try our best to have the colors of our photographed products to be a true depiction of the actual colors, we do not guarantee a true color match.