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Black & Beige Floral Scarf

Beautiful floral scarf, black flowers on a light beige background. Why not wear it on a black dress and a pink or teal solid jacket, wouldn't that be nice?!
$10.00 $18.00
1 in stock

Black & Beige Print Scarf

Beautiful black and beige print scarf, this combination of shades is essential in your wardrobe. You can wear it with matching colors, or on a solid bright color.
$10.00 $18.00

Black Solid & Lace Scarf

For those who love lace, this one is for you! Subtle lace on one border, fluffy material perfect for the summer and just the right shade of beige that fits with most colors! This scarf has it all!
$15.00 $18.00

Chocolate Brown Jersey Wrap with Rh...

Subtle rhinestones on one border of this scarf, designed so you can wear it whichever way you like; come in handy to enhance your outfits .. a nice addition to your scarves wardrobe.
$12.00 $16.00

Classic Chic You!

Meet our latest embroidered Three Tone Silk & Wool Scarf. A handmade piece that announces that 'Tis THE Scarf of the Season. Beige, Grey and Baby Blue embroidered and beaded Scarf , perfect for the colder days since it's made from 75% Wool and 25% Silk, it's chic and stands out but in a classy way.. wear it for work or for a girls' day out.. and yes, thank us later for the compliments you will get :) Wonderful as a neck or shoulder wrap, you can also wear it as a headscarf of course. Such a Beauty! This is part of our Handmade collection: each piece is unique in its own design, fabric, colors. Made from the finest silk and wool, woven by the hands of the talented experts.. Look at the details and enjoy!

Cooling Double Patterned Hijab

A Beautiful patterned Hijab, soft and cooling for those warm days. Not transparent with minimal ironing! Really Cool! Blue, Beige with some Maroon Very versatile, can be worn whichever way you like, even as a turban!
$14.00 $16.00
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