When will I get my package?

We usually process and ship our orders within 24 hours. Depending on your location, shipments are usually received between 2-5 business days. Orders placed on Friday and over the weekend will be shipped on Monday. 


      What is your Return Policy?

      Your satisfaction is our main priority, you can return your item within 7 days of receaving the order. Please refer to our Returns Policy for more details. Return shipping label is usually honored by us, please keep the amount paid visible on your return slip and we will add this with your refund. 

      How do I redeem my Rewards Points?

         You earn 1 point for each $1 you spend. The minimum balance allowed to use is 100 reward points ($5.00). You can save your points, or you can use them for a discount on your purchase! It's that easy. Once you have 100 points and more, you will see an option on your Checkout Page on the Payment Method section where you can choose to redeem your points. 

        What are your hijab sizes?
          Since our scarves are tailored to the various needs and styles, we offer different sizes in our store... Here’s a brief explanation so you know if the scarf is a good fit for your needs:
          Small size: These usually run between 60 - 65 inches (Length), and about 20 inches (width). Some ladies prefer smaller sizes as they feel they can handle them better. Many of our customers like this size for their daily needs, sports, as a neck-scarf, and they are a good option for teens and young ladies.
          Regular/ Standard size: Although we say “standard”, but even this changes with time based on demand and trend. These scarves range between 65 – 72 inches in Length, and 25-30 inches in Width. Most ladies prefer the regular size for their everyday needs because they are easy to handle. Our customers use these for their daily errands, work, and even sports. They can be used as hijabs or neck-wraps, and they are perfect for all age groups.
          Large size: These usually run a bit larger and wider, sometimes it’s only the width that makes them large and the length is the same as the regular. Sizes range between 70-80 inches in Length, and 35-45 inches in Width. Many of our customers prefer wider scarves for more coverage. The large size is also a good option for nursing moms and for tall ladies. These can be used as Hijabs, neck or shoulder wraps.
          Please note the following:
          If you prefer the smaller size, but want more coverage, we recommend you try them with our Ninja undercaps.
          Some scarves can be wider because they were meant to be folded ¾ or by ½ depending on the style and fabric.
          A lot of the Larger scarves can be used as statements on your shoulders or neck, with a simple solid hijab.
          Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you need any recommendation, or if you have any questions. We’re a click away via our customer service email customerservice@linazibdeh.com or our Facebook messenger Lina Zibdeh Cover Couture or via our Contact us page on our website Linazibdeh.com
          Disclaimer: Most of our hijabs are tailored and not manufactured per se. A 5-10% difference in sizes is expected and is not considered a default. 
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