So, what’s cookin’?  :D

As I prepare my new collection for the coming season, I wanted to share with you one of the heart-warming phases of listing a new product. It’s when I experiment with the hijab and see its potential on my mannequin. Is it soft? is it light? Is it opaque? Is it practical for a busy-scheduled lady out there who wants to be elegant but does not have the time for the hassle? Are the colors, fabric, or print suitable for work, for moms, or for college students. I wonder, who would enjoy this hijab the most? The list of questions goes on and on with each scarf/ hijab.

See my friend, you can’t skip letters.. you have to pass through each one of them to move forward. leaping only means jumping faster and decreasing the amount of time spent on a certain phase between two letters – you cannot skip any letter.. each letter is valuable, each letter helps you understand what the next letter is about.. each letter is a base, a foundation.. trust me, when you’re done with all letters, that ‘s when you will be able to write your words.. and then your story..

Stay tuned, as I will be posting new products soon!