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All About Elegance Hijab!

A Beautiful pattern, Elegant and so soft hijab. Chiffon burnout fabric Rich in black with dots of Lavender grey for extra elegance.. Wear this hijab for your work or formal occasions and enjoy the comfort throughout the day. Very versatile, can be worn whichever way you like, even as a turban! Why not wear it with our ninja underscarf for a more relaxed look; no need to worry about slipping or sheerness :) * underscarf sold seperately
$9.99 $20.00

Art in A Sarf!

Handmade and handwoven Scarves.. each piece is unique in its own design, fabric, colors. This Silk & Cotton double bordered scarf is just what you need to make a statement, effortlessly!

Glam Time!

Stand out and make a statement with this "One -of -a-Kind" Hijab Scarf. This Silk Wool Handmade piece reflects elegance to the fullest! An Ombre of Greyish Silver and Off White, Woven and Beaded Leafy Florals tailored beautifully so you can either wrap it as a hijab, or toss it over as a shoulder/neck wrap!

Grey Tube Cap - Turlu Fabric

This Hijab undercap is an essential by all means! This fabric is SO comfortable to wear, excellent quality and beautiful finishing!

Hijab Side Seams Grey Tube Undercap

A Hijab essential by all means! A cotton rayon undercap and a wide selection of colors to mix & match with your scarves. This undercap is designed with stitches on the side (instead of one on the back), this gives you more flexibility to use your cap. stitches don't show underneath your scarf. * Scarf sold seperately

Soft Grey Shimmer Jersey Wrap - reg...

Subtle shimmery Jersey wrap designed for your everyday wear! Drapey and soft fabric. *** Smaller in size than our other regular wraps.
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