Fall 2018The idea of starting my own business terrified me. The thought of me starting something totally new (just because I want to) was so crazy… “Who would do that? Why? At this stage of my life?  I’ve invested in my academic life for so long, and now I want to start ... business?”

But, I had -and still have - a feeling, deep down in my gut, that I do have a vision, I do see that my style and the way I put colors and clothes together is different, that some people out there might be inspired by me. See, I don’t consider hijab to be about fashion, nor is it about being trendy … it’s way deeper than this, it’s a beautiful symbol of what we chose to represent, of our strength to be part of our communities, to prosper, to shine.. hijab doesn’t stop us, it’s basically PART of us, and I want to be able to celebrate the joy of hijab by creating a boutique for the ladies out there so they can just go ahead and do their work comfortably, practically, and by simply being elegant.

I started to learn more about business, photography, fabrics, colors, retailers and wholesalers, I followed hijabi bloggers and influencers, I learned about marketing, website optimization. There were moments when I felt I’m farthest from my goal, and at other moments, I felt.. well, I’m kinda getting there.. yes, I am! Slowly but surely..

I decided to share this part of my journey with you so we can connect more and to whisper in your ears that if you have any doubts about a decision that you believe would make a difference and would make you and others happy.. Give it a shot.. because not doing so means you didn’t give YOURSELF the possibility of success.. “But, what about failure?”, you might ask.. my dear, failure to me now means failing to believe in myself, it’s not about the business or fame.. success is not measured by accomplishments for these are only embellishments that we all brag about.. to me, success is doing something you love, is giving yourself a chance to grow, is learning what the world has to offer, it’s being genuine to yourself and others.. success is so deep, it’s so human..

Would love to hear your story, your fears and successes. your turning points and dreams.. you can simply reply to this email, it’s up to you if you would like to share your comment publicly or keep it private.. just let me know 😊