My personal take on Hijab as a Fashion


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I wanted to share with you my personal take on Hijab as a Fashion so you have an idea of what to expect from my blog and store :)  

Simply put, Hijab is a joy in my life. I feel that it completes me, it reminds me of who I am, who I represent and the values I carry with it. 

A lot of my customers wonder how to put their clothes, colors and patterns together ...How to look professional without compromising modesty..How to make use of their Hijabs to mix and match their outfits.. and so many other questions that I hope I can answer here.


InshAllah, I will start a series of posts that show simple style solutions; how to handle colors, fabrics and patterns. I hope these  posts will be especially helpful to the new hijabis, and for all ladies who feel they still don’t know how to put it together . .. Stay tuned as my next few posts will be about What colors look nice together :) 

Meanwhile, let’s start with three words that represent Hijab as a Fashion to you. This will give me a better idea of your preferences and what you're looking for.  My three words are: Practical, Simple and Elegant.. what are your three words? 

I’d love to hear your feedback and your own tips & tricks! You can either write your comments under the blog post on, or feel free to email me at and I will make sure to include your comments in the coming posts. 
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Introducing Hello Sunshine!

A beautiful combination of sun and skies! Wavy rays on a blue beach! This scarf is all about summer!

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