Bright Watermelon Maxi Jersey Shawl

A must have in your wardrobe! Once you try, you won’t let go of it! Extra width and length for extra comfort around the day.. Great option for ladies who want to have extra coverage for the bust area, and also for nursing moms :)
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Dive into the fluffiness of cotton jersey! If you’re looking for something that would meet your daily needs, then look no further. Tailored with your needs in mind, a bit of extra length and width to add more comfort. Fabric and colors are designed to fit your clothing all year long. Make sure you check the other colors!

Material: Cotton Jersey

180*80cm - 70*30"

Hand Wash, or Gentle Cold Cycle. Do not bleach.

Air Dry or Tumble on gentle low heat.

We recommend using Garment Steamers with all our products.